Month: May 2022

Triangle of Sadness – Cannes review: Russian capitalist and American communist sink the luxury cruise ship filled with 1%

After winning the Un certain regard award for Force Majeure in 2014, then winning the Palme d’Or for Square in 2017, Swedish cinematographic mastermind Ruben Östlund returned to Cannes this year for more with The Triangle of Sadness. And indeed, as things currently stand with the films at the 75th festival edition, he could really take home another win. The Triangle of […]

Three Thousand Years of Longing – Cannes review: Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton in the George Miller movie about love and storytelling

George Miller doesn’t make movies often, but when he makes them they’re living craze months in advance. This time, the teaser, which lasts only ten seconds, was enough to interest his fanbase and general cinephile audience and make them look forward to the Cannes Film Festival and the world premiere of Three Thousand Years of Longing. With Tilda […]

BERLINALE SPECIAL Day 6: Films about dealing with the trauma and an interview with Miloš Pušić

Day 6 of the 72nd Berlinale film festival in the main competition programme brought us two new films dealing with the trauma Drill Water by Michael Koch and One Year One Night by Isaki Lacuesta. Still, the highlight of the day for the Duart team here at Berlinale definitely was the film “Working Class Heroes” by Serbian director Miloš Pušić. Director Pušić brings a story of a […]

BERLINALE SPECIAL Day 5: Valentine’s day arrives at the festival, Mikhaël Hers charms everyone with The Passengers of the Night

Berlinale did its best to bring Valentine’s day to its audience this year. Yesterday the festival guests had the chance to attend the world premieres of three new competition programme films that embodied different types of love. The day started a bit slow with AEIOU– A Quick Alphabet of Love by Nicolette Krebitz, a love of stark contrasts, of […]

BERLINALE SPECIAL Day 4: Buzzing about COVID-19 festival measures and a splendid new film by Li Ruijun.

Yesterday, Sunday, February 13th, audiences and guests of Berlinale had the opportunity to attend the world premiere of two new competition programme films: Call Jane by Phyllis Nagy and Return to Dust by Li Ruijun. Yet it wasn’t as quiet a day as it might seem by the film premieres as well as accompanying events.  The first noticeable sign of “a change” […]