Month: February 2020

Days, Charlatan – Berlinale day 8 reviews: Gentle stories of tender male sexuality.

With only one new competition entry Days by Tsai Ming-liang focus of 8th day of the festival moves a bit more into the territory of the tender male sexuality. After the film of grand Taiwanese art-house director, the second premiere of the day came from Berlinale Specials, and it was Polish director Agnieszka Holland film Charlatan, the biopic of a Czech homosexual herbal healer […]

Berlin Alexanderplatz, The Roads not Taken, Dau.Natasha – Berlinale day 7 reviews: Seems like Golden Bear winner had its premiere!

A red glow bends over the turbulent sea as two voices shout to each other in the opening moments of the Burhan Qurbani’s latest German mafia life epic Berlin Alexanderplatz.  It is a splendid modern-day adaptation of Alfred Döblin 1929 novel of the same name, that manages to showcase the relevant elements of an everlasting inner moral battle of […]

The Woman Who Ran, Bad Tales – Berlinale day 6 reviews: The serious quality in Berlinale Competition is finally here!

Three Competition entries of Berlinale day 6 finally woke up the spirit of the festival with all their goodness and quality. The day started with The Woman Who Ran, the latest anti-drama by Korean filmmaker Sang-soo Hong, proceeded with wild comedy-drama Bad Tales by Italian director brothers Damiano and  Fabio D’Innocenzo. The day reached its peak with the latest splendid 35mm […]

Delete History, My Little Sister – Berlinale day 5 reviews: Competition gets interesting with latest additions!

70th Berlinale Competition programme got a lot more interesting with films we got on the 5th festival day. Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern presented their social media commentary comedy Delete History, Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond brought a heartbreaking family drama My Little Sister, while Abel Ferrara amazed and shocked audience and critics with his […]

Undine, All the Dead Ones, Pinocchio – Berlinale day 4 reviews: Could this truly be the year of average films in Berlinale competition?

At the fourth day of Berlinale, films Undine and All the Dead Ones had their premieres in the competition programme, while Mateo Garonne – the dark mastermind behind 2018. film Dogman –  had a special screening of his adaptation of Carlo Collodi‘s Pinocchio.  “You stay here until I come back from work. Then you tell me that you love me. Otherwise, you will die. “ – says […]

First Cow, The Salt of Tears – Berlinale day 3 reviews: Does the Berlinale Panorama have better entries than Competition Programme?

Day three of Berlinale brought us two more new entries in the competition program First Cow and The Salt of Tears. This was also the day that got us first big regional co-production, Srđan Golubović‘s Father that is part of this year’s Berlinale Panorama selection (link for a separate review).  Based on the book The Half-Life – by Jonathan Raymond who also adapted it into the script for […]